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Residual Income is basically money that you earn without having to directly work for it


Would you like to earn an extra paycheck every month?

...that you did nothing to get?

Our Residual Income Program allows agents in our firm to refer other agents to Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage. Unlike other brokerages, when we earn a dollar from an agent that you referred to us, you get part of that dollar.

You do not need to mentor or train these referrals, either. Talk to other Realtors about our company and the commission split we offer and if they are interested, give their number to our Recruiting Department. That's it. You're done.

How does the Program work?

It's Simple and it's Guaranteed.

It's based on a percentage tier:

Depending on how many agents you refer to the company you will receive a percentage of what Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage takes using our .002 times the sales price Commission Split.

1 -4 Agents Referred

5-9 Agents Referred

10-24 Agents Referred

25+ Agents Referred





As an example:

You have referred 8 agents to Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage and in January some combination of them sold $2,000,000 worth of property. Our brokerage would take $4,000 (.002 times 2,000,000) and you would receive a check in February for $600 which is 15% of $4,000.

This income is guaranteed as long as you keep an active real estate license with Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage.

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