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Maximize Your Earnings with FHRM's Quick CAP Program

Quick Cap Program Mission

At FHRM, we are dedicated to empowering agents like you to achieve unprecedented financial success. With years of industry expertise, we understand the challenges you face and we have designed the Quick CAP program to help you keep more of what you earn.

Are you a driven real estate agent looking to keep more of your hard-earned money? With FHRM's Quick CAP program, you can unlock a world of financial benefits that elevate your profitability. Join today and experience the true power of maximizing your earnings.

Quick Cap Program 


Sales Price.....$500,000

$500,00 x .0003 = $150

YOU KEEP $ 14,850

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What Other Agents are Saying


 Lancelot Sebatian Lenard| Realtor 

Thanks to FHRM'S QUICK CAP program,  I keep a significant portion of my hard-earned commission. This financial advantage enables me to invest more in my business, whether it's for impactful marketing initiatives or engaging in rewarding extracurricular activities. The sense of accomplishment that comes with capping at Florida Homes is truly invigorating, fueling my motivation to excel in this dynamic and exciting industry.


Paula Pou | Realtor

Gracias al rápido CAP de FHRM, estoy muy contenta con la compañía y sus servicios. Una de las cosas que más me encanta es la comisión CAP, esto es fantástico.  Puedo usar ese dinero para marketing y generar más negocio.  Estoy feliz y recomiendo Florida Homes Realty and Mortgage.

The Quick Cap Program Details

Qualifications Criteria

To participate in the Quick CAP program, agents need to achieve a sales volume of $5.25 million within the calendar year


Reduced Commission Split Structure

Once qualified, agents benefit from a reduced commission split structure. For example, on a $500,000 sale, you would only pay $150 to FHRM, keeping $14,850 for yourself.


Benefits an Features

Maximized Earnings

Keep a larger portion of your commissions and enjoy increased profitability.

Financial Freedom

Invest in your business growth, treat yourself to a better quality of life, or secure a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones.

Agent-Centeric Approach

Focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients while reaping the financial rewards you deserve.

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James Angelo, Broker/Owner

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